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RFID Textile Laundry Tag

Textile Laundry Tag

UHF laundry tag with more than 200 industrial washing cycle times, capable of 60 bar pressure, stable and reliable RF performance.RFID laundry tags are ideal for tracking linens, uniforms, and other garments when sewn into clothing or accessories. SRL01U7M tags are made of a fabric label embedded with a small UHF device coupled to a sewed thread-antenna.

Physical Specification

Item: SRL01U7M
Dimension: 70*15*15mm
Material: Textile
Weight: 0.7g
Color: White

Functional Specifications
Frequency: (US) 902-928MHz, (EU) 865-868MHz
Protocol: EPC global C1 Gen2,ISO18000-6C
Chip: NXP Ucode 7M, Ucode 8
Memory: EPC 96 bits
Life Time: 200 industrial washing recycles
Operating Temperature:

1) Washing: 90 ℃ (194 ο F), 15 minutes, 200 cycle

2) Pre-drying in Tumbler: 180 ℃ (320 ο F), 30minutes

3) Ironer: 180 ℃ (356 ο F), 10 seconds, 200 cycles

4) Sterilization Process: 135 ℃ (275 ο F), 20 minutes
Mechanical Resistance: Up to 60 bars
Chemicals: Normal common chemicals in the washing processes
Data Retention: 50 years
Write Endurance: 100,000 recycles
Reading Range: ( Fix Reader: ERP 2W ) Up to 4 meters
Reading Range: ( Handheld Reader: ATID AT880 handheld reader ) Up to 2 meters

Environmental Specification
Mounting Methods: Sewing
Storage Temperature: -40℃~+100℃
Certifications: Reach Approved, RoHS Approved, CE Approved
Packing Detail: Antistatic bag and carton
Application: Uniforms management, Laundry factory, etc.

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