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  • Laundry Tracking Management
Laundry Tracking Management
Laundry Tracking Management

RFID based industrial laundry management system application to hotel and hospital

RFID for Industrial Laundry
RFID technology for laundry, which will benefit the laundry industry in a huge number of ways,such as eliminating errors in laundering orders and inventory counts, may help to figure out the above problems.

RFID in laundry application is proving immediate and long term benefits to garment management in process and life cycle traceability. The laundry tag can withstand temperatures between -20 and +110 degrees , and can survive harsh treatment including sterilization.

Your Benefits
  1. Reduce employee
  2. Fast checkin and checkout
  3. Simplified patron self-charging/discharging
  4. High reliability and security
  5. High-speed inventorying and identify items
  6. Automated materials handling
  7. Long RFID labels life
  8. Scan multiples at a time with nearly 100% read rate
  9. Components of an RFID system

RFID tracking software
  1. Passive RFID tags that are electronically programmed with unique information
  2. RFID label printing service
  3. RFID tag reader or writer to query the tags

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